How to Go from DIY & Just Getting By to Sought-After Premium Pro

(Accelerate business growth now - even in a super-saturated market)

Presented by
Meg Sylvia
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September 19, Saturday 12:00 pm EDT
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September 19, Saturday 7:00 pm EDT
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Here is What You'll Learn

The 4-step method our clients use to bridge the gap

from stuck and “getting by” to magnetically attracting premium clients and getting on track to six-figures.

Why most small business owners feel like marketing simply doesn’t work for them, and the vital strategy that suddenly makes marketing start to click and get real results (hint: most people are marketing backwards!)

​How our clients go from unclear and lacking direction to totally aligned with a brand they’re seriously proud of. 

​How small businesses can position themselves as premium and attract DREAM clients who are willing to invest (no more floundering in a saturated market!)

The secret to going from unsure and reluctant to confidently booking more ideal clients at higher price points.

​AND, how to do it all while adding the joy, ease and FUN back into your business!


Presented by Meg Sylvia

Founder of Artful Pro

Meg is a Brand Strategist who specializes in helping small business owners turn their businesses into brands they love, bridging the gap from just getting by to sought-after and thriving.

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September 19th
12:00 pm EDT
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